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The following is an overview of the investment plan

- Including investment product characteristics, total initial capital input and output, and investment rate of return, etc.

Take a 45-year-old middle-aged person as an example, who plans to retire at the age of 65, invests $$$K or $,$$$K at a time, wants to receive $$K/year for retirement, and also wants to leave a legacy to his family. Since the investor's goal is to prevent inflation and increase the value of bank deposits for future retirement, they do not want to take any investment risk and require that the investment does not involve the stock market. In this regard, the investment plan I formulated must be very conservative. On the premise of ensuring investment safety, not only should the bank's deposits be maximized in value, but also the property rights of investors' deposits should be locked.

The investor also wants to add an option to the investment, that is, until retirement, the investment can provide a reliable fixed income every month, like a monthly salary, to pay for daily expenses; if there are savings, also Can continue to return investment. In this way, the combination of investment and daily life can not only increase in value in the long run, but also take care of the immediate future, thereby making investment more flexible and valuable. ( Download detailed quotation files and calculation tables )

Important Hints

1.) High Reliability : It is always our top priority to keep investors' assets safe when we develop an investment plan for our clients. With this concern in mind, we have chosen the insurer that have been in business over 170 years, and grade rating of their pension products are "Exceptionally Strong" (by Moody's AAA and by Standard & Poor's AA+). A main reason why received so good rating on pension plans, with long-term cumulated high quality assets and reliable investment resources, the insurer have been keeping over 80% of its pension business with federal government and major banks in the US. It is with this protection that the insurer can keep the cash value of its whole life insurance at 5%-10% annual growth, while never participating in the stock market.

2.) Funding Resources : For investors' money resource, our only requirement is that all funds to be input into an investment plan should be transferred from banks or bank checks. In other words, we do NOT ask how and where an investor got these funds before. We strictly protect the privacy of our customers.

3.) Customized Plan : The attached two schemes (see attachment) can effectively offset the risk of inflation and prevent the devaluation of bank deposits. We can also adjust the above investment plans (recombining product formulations, optimizing capital allocation ratio, choosing the right time to cash out investments, etc.) according to the requirements of investors and actual financial conditions, so that our investment plans are more in line with the specific needs of investors . For this reason, we suggest that investors should provide their specific financial situation and investment needs as much as possible when they come to consult, so that when we formulate plans, we can find the right direction and make our plans more popular with investors.

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