Note for service fee: according the ACA law, our services for people to get ACA (Obamacare) tax credit must be free. If you apply for Short-Term Health Insurance, our services are also free. However, the insurance company may require $20 fee to process your application and finalize their insurance paper works. Also, we are hiring: see details.

Real Case-1: a new couple got health insurance with Kaiser for only $2 a month.

The case information listed as below:

The man is 55 years old, the US citizen, self-employed and making about $2,100 a month. In September 2017, he went to Asia and married with a 28 years old local lady, and then he came back to the US. His new wife also came to the US in 2017 with a B2 Visa (visitor). In February 2018, they called our office and inquired how to get a cheap health insurance. Note, the wife has no a SSN and can only legally stay the US for 6 months. After studied their case and collected all documents, even though it was passed the deadline to apply for 2018 health insurance, our office helped them to apply for 2018 Obamacare for a special period enrollment, and finally got approved. However, within next three months, the FFM (the government agency) required that the husband to provide proof of family income and the wife to provide proof of document showing she can continue to legally stay in the US. The husband confirmed with us before the applying that there are lots of ways, which they have no any problem, to meet these requirements. Here is the latest update: while I was writing this case online, this husband did send in a document that was from a government agency, which was showing his wife could temporarily stay in the US. Please note, getting this document was a critical step for his wife to legally stay in the US, and also let the young woman change her immigration status in the easiest and cheapest way, which only cost $800 for a RT airline ticket plus $2 a month for health insurance.   End of the case. 

Case-1 Analysis: Before got married, both the man and woman did not qualify to apply for benefits of 2018 Obamacare, because the man missed the deadline and the woman was not a legal resident. The new marriage, however, let both of them become qualified. However, it is also very critical, according to situations for the young couple to get the ACA tax credit, that we know how to let ACA system approve their application.


Real Case-2: Even if missed deadline, a family got health coverage with 50% savings.

The case information listed as below:

The man, 41 with greencard, is a SPA business owner with a 15 years old son and owner’s mother is working at the clinic also. The woman, the owner’s new girl friend, 40, greencard, with her 18 years old son just came to the US in 10 months ago, recently joined his family. They make about total $40,000 a year and all of them missed the deadline to buy health insurance. They called our office for help. After done detail researches for this case, we found that, according to their current situation, this family may not get free health insurance from OHP due to short period of residency, even though the family total income was qualified. They may not get tax credits from 2018 Obamacare neither because missed deadline. However, they can apply for group health coverage through Obamacare SHOP program, since they make money from their SPA clinic. In this way, they may not be limited by the deadline, but also can save up to 50% of health insurance premium. They took our proposal and we proceeded their application.   End of the case. 

Case-2 Analysis: Obamacare SHOP program does not have deadline, which any small business with 25 full-time employees or less can apply at any time during the year. Also, it does not require employees must have a greencard and not require local residency neither, which owners may hire employees nationwide. More important, SHOP does not audit applicants (included owners) family incomes. In other words, let’s say if the owner would make $1 million profit from his SPA in this year and everyone wages will be the same as current, this family can still gain 50% savings from the SHOP.


Real Case-3: A foreign student got a free health insurance, even if she missed deadline and has no greencard

She is 28 years old and entered the US with F1 Visa as an international student from Asia. She was looking for health insurance when she became post-graduation job hunter. She first tried to apply this insurance on the government website called MarketPlace, but failed due to her immigration status (has no greencard); then she tried on commercial market and also failed due to missed deadline of open enrollment. Finally, she came to our office and asked help to get a regular health insurance with some discounts. After analyzed her situation, we advised and enrolled her in a small business health insurance called SHOP program, which may save the business owner up to 50% costs for everybody (including family members) within this business. Got our helps and approval for this savings, the owner was very happy to pay 100% for her health insurance, since the owner family also saved $1386*50%=$693 monthly insurance premium due to her enrollment.   End of the case. 

Case-3 Analysis: A very important issue in this case was eligibility of the SHOP program, which the tricky thing was that only need 2 people, one owner and one employee, to meet both MINIMUM requirements of SHOP program and business health insurance. Then, the other question is: who can become a registered business owner? The answer is EVERYBODY, even a foreign person, who has no greencard and no SSN, can register as a foreign investor to become a business owner. In this case, after enrolled this foreign student into business health insurance, the owner family also saved $693 monthly premium. This was a main reason why the owner was very happy to pay 100% for her health insurance. Please click here to find how to apply. We will provide free assistance to complete all processes and get an approval letter of eligibility for tax credit from the government.


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Family Income: If you apply for financial aid for health insurance, we need your family income data. Please fill your family income Last Month (2020 or 2021) total $, and projected year 2021 total $. For verification, we need copy of last month payroll pay-stubs, 2019 or 2020 W-2 and tax return Form1040 (first two pages).

Additional requests:

1.)  If someone is a college student, please provide costs of annual total tuition and fees (Form 1098-T); if someone pays back a student loan, also provide annual interest payment of the loan.

2.)  If your family has other incomes besides of wages and self-employed incomes, please list net profit for each of them with category name.

3.)  If anyone in your family already has a current health insurance, please make copy of the insurance card with carrier name, address, phone number, and policy number.

4.)  Please list each employer name, address, and phone number for each family member.

5.)  If anyone has a "greencard", Please make copy of each greencard for both front and back sides.

6.)  If a US citizen who was not born in the US, please list the person name with the original greencard number and the certificate number of naturalization.

Attachments, There are helpful sample documents (click a link below) when applying special offers of health insurance: 

The government required document list of 1.) immigration status; 2.) family income; 3.) lower income for OHP (government free care).

Tips: Use your cell phone to take pictures of documents and email the pictures to us: Also, for your data safety (not to send online), you may use your cell phone to take a 'screen shot', after filled in all your family data, and then email the picture to us.

Agreement: I am (print name). I agree to provide my family personal data (birthday, SSN, income, etc.) for Henry Hu Agency to assist me to apply for benefits of health insurance. I know the data will be forwarded to US government and I agree to take full responsibility for the data I provided. Henry Hu Agency will keep the data confidential for applying insurance only and protect privacy of all applicants.

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